Sunday, June 10, 2012

Where I Am

It's late Sunday afternoon, deep in the Santa Rosa hills. The Steven is inside with his handsome Zen Teacher and his wife. I am taking advantage of being of no purpose and, after testing various spots, have found a corner of the half finished deck over looking the garden to read my book, knit my latest sock and talk to you. I must have picked a good place as there is a very large dog bed as well as a meditation cushion and mat just to my left. Zowie one of the two sheparding dogs shows up every 10 minutes to make sure I've not wandered off.

The air is blue with eucalyptus and oak with a big handfull of orange herbs thrown in. There are more birds and butterflies that can be counted. The sun is going down. It might be Eden even with the hawks and turkey vultures.

My nose is running. Disgustingly.

Oh. Dear. GHAWD. They have sheep! Wacky four-horned sheep!

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Ben-Bob said...

That looks almost intolerably pleasant.