Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday, Sunset.

This week brings a little audit and so I am working at the department who funds across town from my office. This department rents space in a lovely old gothic red brick Baptist seminary with beautiful light and some fantastic lawn. I sit in the hallway with my laptop and very dubious internet connection, trying to be helpfull. We shall see how it goes.

For lunch Ms. Shar and I wandered out to Telegraph where there are a few very good cheap restaurants and a Beard Papas branch where Shar had her first vanilla cream puff. Crispy pate choux is pretty damn good.

I dare not get my hopes up but there may be a chance later in the year to move out of my broom closet of an office and into a place with ventilation and light.

Things around Casa del Leiderhosen are still kind of tense. I can't figure out why I can never be right and how we got to this. My closet has been reshuffled with a stash of italian water, my favorite chair and a stack of magazines, so now I have a retreat of my own and I feel better for it.


catmum said...

Sorry to hear things are so unhappy. Must be something in the air/stars/water/bacon. Same sxxt going on here too. And drat, no matter how I try, I too end up crying. Great combination, mad and crying and not always wrong, no matter what they think!

The Librarian said...

*big, big, big, humongous huggles*

Mnmom said...

I have to remind my engineer husband that it is completely statistically impossible for him to be 100% right 100% of the time, and for 100% of our problems to be 100% my fault. Men hate when you point out the illogic of their actions.

I could use a room of my own too. And yes, I'll run away with you but I have to be home in time for work.

Little Sister said...

There is something in the cosmos-for lack of any other reason...things here are not paradise at the moment and I feel as though I have NO place to go to think-except the woods. Today it was 10 degrees and I went 1/2 mile before I had had enough. TOO DAMN COLD - even when I desperately needed the solitude.

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