It's been a while.

Ma's just turned 70 and has -surprise!- just come down with Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). Oh, lucky, lucky us. I think everyone has been told. We are now taking a moment to adjust to our new reality.

Work is not going well. "Histrionic" has been used to describe one of my new management and any moment now, the movers will be here to ship my stuff (2 file boxes) and all the project stuff I work on (30+ boxes) out to a remote location where 30 minutes will be added to my commute everyday.

I will be out of contact with some very civilized people I've become very fond of in this building. The new place will have very few places to escape to and a whole lot more fluorescent lighting which can be downright soul-sucking.

So what do I do?
- Stay with this position, (becoming poorer by the month) because it may allow me enough flexibility to help Ma out when she needs it?
- Go find some other gig that will pay better, but may object to my other commitments?

Notes for me to read later: MDS .


Mnmom said…
Oh Mom - I'm thinking of her. Moms are precious. My Grandpa had a similar condition and lived to 81, if that information helps at all.

Look for another position - looking never hurts.

LOVE that you are back my dear,

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