Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Voices in A Knitter's Head

You absolutely must go visit Franklin at the Panopticon and see his animation of the intense knitted relationship between the Queen, Albert Einstein. It defies explanation and it delights me thoroughly. Hilarious.
This Exceedingly Tiresome University still screams budget deficit at every opportunity and it seems that the only ones who end up paying are the students (30% increase in tuition, more enrollment leaning to the higher paying Out of State Applicants) and Staff. Faculty, the Regents and the football coaches are still well padded in their compensation and there always seems to b e a certain amount of ...flexibility.

This morning's UC News Flash has declared: "Enrollment for Benefits! You have Choices to Make and Action to Take!" I am still trying my damnedest to be grateful for any benefits coverage at all, but the new negotiated changes are going to cost me another $130 a month that I just cannot afford, plus the loss of the medical group I participate in. In April, 4% of my pay will be heading towards the payment of current retirees health benefits. Try explaining that to Research Sponsors!

I very much don't have a choice, other than planning on eating toast and peanut butter for the rest of my working days here. I know I should not whine and I know people are much worse off than me, but goddamnit all... I just can't face it.

Oh, hell. I'm going back to give the Panopticon another look. Some days I just wonder. Meanwhile:

(My ball! My Ball! Mine!!!)

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