Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Strange? Disturbing? SUDDENLY REVISED

Cancel, cancel, explain, call, close, please hold, reopen, cancel, hold!, revive, reopen, repeat.

This feels like it shall never, ever end. I don't think I am going to be able to replace that phone. Damn. It was pretty. Fuck. Being robbed feels like it never ends.

This afternoon the Fourth Inner Ring of Hell (otherwise know as the California DMV) had a wait time of 3 hours, 45 minutes when I finally gave up on getting a driver's license copy and handed my number (g256) over to the beautiful old gentleman next to me and dashed for the exit. There were 400 people in that room and none of them happy. None of this tableau is an exaggeration.

The presses have been stopped.
--What formerly appeared in this space was a bit on my personal experience with violence and what I actually got out of it. Writing one's personal thoughts on the rare experience of being one's own defender is apparently inflammatory and still not thought appropriate in this society.

I have removed this content ONLY because right at this very moment I am not feeling patient or "dolphin-free-tuna-woman" together enough to defend my own drivel which people are reading of their own volition. Those who don't feel that victims can take something useful from bad experience and then act in their own defense should go read Family Circus. (You know where it is: the circle in the left hand corner of the comic page, just waiting to suck.)

This is my soapbox. You want to flame me this week about the content? This isn't the week.--

On the other hand, the mere mention of physical aggression can be enough to send unprepared people into their own dark thoughts and memories and it just all goes downhill from there.
For that, I am truly sorry.


kirelimel said...

I read your post and have not thought ill of you - there are times in my life that I found myself in bad situations where I wish I could have kicked some guy in the balls and told him what for...Instead of I have some memories of being a victim that I didn't want to be. I often think back and wish that young thing could have been her own defender. I'm totally on your side.

miette said...

Mme, jesus fuck! I'm just now catching up on your blog from your faceo, after swearing to stay off the playthings and keep my nose on SERIOUS business. But jesus fuck! I'm so sorry you were robbed, and sorrier still your candor wasn't accepted for what it was. Boo to they! Please let me know if there's anything I can do.

Much love,
-- Mtte.

Mnmom said...

I'm late to the show.
Sweetheart this is YOUR blog, for YOUR words. If folks get bent out of shape by your words they can just move away from your post. Honey I'm so sorry you were violated with this mugging, then violated with offense at your own post on your own blog.

Heavens people are snippy!