Saturday, July 17, 2010

The ticking of an unquiet mind

I think I might have maxxed out my time, patience and projects. Why is it when the sky is bluest do the voices in my skull start singing their favorite discordant songs? Why can none of them carry a tune or sweep up after themselves?

Breakfast was a slice truly magnificent Sour cherry pie from Crixa. The crust was so perfect it took the distraction of a man with a dyed green mustache carting a tuba down the street to prevent me from offering myself up as a kitchen slave out of pure gratitude. The owner's finesse with complicated pastry is done in full view of my favorite table.

Date Night: hamachi and soba at Geta and then the 7 PM show of The The Girl Who Played With Fire (Flickan som lekte med elden) which I recommend with the now available (Netflix streaming) The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. What a kick ass hero Lizbeth is. In a moment of onscreen triumph the corners of her mouth twitched up and the audience applauded her moment of success and freedom. If they remake these movies into some bullshit American version with Richard Gere, some big questions will need to be answered. Thankfully no one has yet remade Run Lola Run, so there may be home.

The Future:
  • A bag full of lush stone fruit on the counter, creeping into ripeness.
  • Another coat of oil for Alex then we get down to the sanding and hardware issues. Esme needs some attention as well. Treat your machinery and equipment well.
  • I might just need one of those rare manicure. I light of today's movie, it'll be black.
  • A laundry rack full of hand-knit socks. The sight of all that handmade generosity and beauty makes me feel wealthy and loved.
  • A nice long sleep in tomorrow.

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Mnmom said...

Pie crust is an art. My mother was an artist - flaky, light as a cloud. Sadly I didn't inherit that particular talent. But I keep trying. Blueberry, coconut, and banana are my favs.

HEY! I am completely devoid of manners! YOUR SHIRT ARRIVED! My twins love it so much THEY have been taking turns wearing it. Thank you thank you thank you my friend.