Friday, July 16, 2010

The Status of Things

Hello, Darlings. It's been a while.

It's been a rough season, for work and craft in particular. Too much of the former and a huge shortage of time for the latter. I really don't want to talk about work; it's just too soul-killing lately.

On the upside:

  • Strawberries are in season and Da makes sure I get two baskets when I visit him. They taste of the Bakersfield sea air and California sun. These are real McCoy, red from nose to cap and so fragrant they rarely make it past Milpitas in the drive back home.
  • I've got a few more people knitting and one more spinning, although he's not ready to come out about it yet. Enthusiasm is contagious.
  • Kittens. Bouncing, floppy, snuggly hilarious little things. Disgusting sentiment, but if one must watch something the fight between felines and the gravity/physics is pretty terrific.
  • Bill Irwin is going to put on Scapin at ACT in September. I may just take up residence in the first row. Do not miss this. Irwin has left me laughing so hard (Fool Moon) I had to be helped out and so heartbroken I had to leave the audience (Waiting for Godot).
  • The garden is gorgeous. I end up in the back yard every morning molesting the tomato leaves because that's one of the best smells on this planet. The tiny alpine strawberry plants are looking optimistic so I need not hop the fences at National Parks for a snack. What makes me sad is the unlikeliness that I will spend the rest of my life here in this little slice of paradise. I don't know how I can possibly swing this. CA is the last place I'd ever thought I'd go back to, but the allure of the City Across the Bay is pure magic.
  • I did the impression/impersonation of my own libido for my therapist on Tuesday. She laughed and laughed. Sometimes I don't need counseling; I need a good audience.
  • C. is thinking about taking up burlesque. I've put her on the task of watching all the Bob Fosse movies she can find ("Showtime!") and am now locating a decent bowler hat for her.
  • Speaking up Bobs: Our beloved Dr. Ben has been working with the equally lovely Dr./Mme. Neda. Delightful.
  • Looking forward to tomato sandwiches on sourdough, Tom Ford's A Single Man, finishing Patti Smith's memoir Just Kids.

Life continues to be surprising, delicious, regrettable and shocking.

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