Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mine now.

And this would be Alexander, a vintage Ashford Traditional. He lived by the seaside for some time as a very nice household ornament with some very lovely people. At the moment Alex is undergoing a thorough oil soak and gluing while I try to work out other details of his cloudy past and current rehabilitation. He is on his way to a glossy red cherry finish and a career as a working machine.

And before you hate me, knitters/spinners: whatever mobile device you have, get an app for craiglist with an alert for "spinning wheel". Should an offer too good to be true appear as you are stuffing a nearly new papasan into your Honda, put the chair down and respond ASAP. That cushion ain't gonna go into that passenger seat easy anyways.

Hear would be the punchline: $70. Thanks, Ma, for doing the legwork in South Bay.

Damn, I am lucky.

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