Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Pinups obscured, NYMag freaks the fuck out.

Well, beat me across the skull and call me George.

Calvin Klein's "X" manties advertising has become an issue yet again with it's admirers with fan's objecting to giant red Xs obscuring physiques. Do we lack eyesight for those transparent letters or some modicum of imagination. Not that anything is left to the...never mind. Wasn't the issue in the 1980s "too much skin"?

Bonus! Mehcad Brooks appears (Eggs to those soaked in True Blood. Go to Julliard, pose for underwear.) as well as Hitoshi Nakata the Japanese soccer star is also in a series. ppprrrrrooooowwww!

Oi, Calvin! A grateful Leiderhosen Nation thanks you.

Downing: Zumi's White Rose tea (white tea with pink rose buds). I feel so damn girly.
Errands: Two libraries and the post office. (Special birthday gift to deliver.) If I am lucky: the Container Store downtown.
Missing: two hand knit socks, each one from a pair. This sucketh.
Finished: Sunday's meatloaf. I love reheated meatloaf more than I can say. Reheated meat loaf over spinach pasta, with peas and compound butter with herbs and Parmesan? The best.

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