Monday, December 14, 2009


I'm sorry, Darlings. It's been awhile and I have really missed you. There was this icky flu and then work exploded and it took awhile to dig myself out. I am almost out of the wood. Almost. Here's bit of brain detritus.

  • Tom Ford makes Terry Gross happily uncomfortable on Fresh Air. It's desperately funny. He may be trying to seduce her.
  • I have no less than four active projects on more than a dozen needles, 2/3 are presents including a massive task of spinning 9 ounces of Malarkey merino for Ms. Jess.
  • Up in the Air was very good. Vera Farmiga is breathtaking and holds her own against Clooney. Where has she been all my life?
  • This upcoming year, I will increase my production for newborn hats confining the yarn choices to either Knitpicks Superwash Worsted or Cascade 220 Superwash Worsted.
  • I've been singing "Here We come a Wassailing" to myself. As it has only four notes and I can safely hit three of them. It's the only Christmasy thing I can sing . Where exactly is one supposed to breathe while singing?
  • In an attempt to convey some kind of professionalism my hair has been ironed into submission and it is frightening to look in the mirror expecting to see a terrier and being faced a somewhat worse-for-wear Labrador,
  • I am also wearing my only red sweater, mostly because our office building does not heat my current office. If I've knit you anything red, you know the color. Unswerving devotion.
  • What has the world got against marzipan?!

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michaelg said...

You ironed your beautiful hair??? Whahuh?

Breath while singing only when you are completely spent on breath, then do it through your nose. It's a nice sound.