Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday Drivel

  • I may be insane. I ironed my sheets. I even starched the bejeezuz out of them. Damn you, Sheraton. Damn your sexy, crisp, parchment-stiff sheets!
  • Listening to the BBC History podcast. Fabulous.
  • It's starting to rain outside again and I am itching to go skinny dipping although it may give the undergraduates seizures here in the middle of the morning.
  • It's Knitting/Drinking Group tonight! The current sock involves a short row heel which is unknown territory. Needs scotch.
  • No. Yes. I need to try this. Yes. Yes. Yes.

1 comment:

Linda 'K' said...

Sounds more like Thursday Drizzle! The idea of skinny-dipping has to be offset by the amount of bail The Steven would have to pay to get you out - or your resulting popularity. So you're TRYING to get fired, Nice pic of The Steven by the way. Say hi to the Dude. I spent my yout' ironing every sheet and cotton object in the house - no starch. Mom would take the ironables out of the washer and put them in big plastic bags (no ziplocs in them days) in the refridge which made ironing damp cold fabric tolerable in a house with no A/C in Southern California.