Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday AM without pants.

I think I oppose the word "ripped" in conjunction with the idea of fitness. It makes me think of the after effects of too many protein shakes.


Steven is having a morning devoted to settling his pack rat issues so he bounces in every four minutes with fresh treasures to show me. The following is one of his favorite stories (source unknown):

"The finest line of poetry ever uttered in the history of this damn country was said by Canada Bill Jones in Baton Rouge, while he was being robbed blind in a crooked game of faro. George Devol, who was, like Canada Bill, not a man who was averse to fleecing the odd sucker, drew Bill aside and asked him if he couldn't see that the game was crooked. And Canada Bill sighed, and shrugged his shoulders, and said ;I know. But it's the only game in town.' and went back to the game."

I am worried about the cat.

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