Monday, October 26, 2009


It must have been Dan Savage's column that discussed a sexual pie throwing fetish, but the idea has stuck with me. I think Dan's recommendation was to create time and preparation for such an event. How disappointing that one can't really have a pick-up pie fight.

So. I want my own pie fight. I want several cans of Reddi Whip and a baker's rack of flaky pie shells. Not as a kinky thing, mind you; just because it's ridiculous and the inner vaudevillian craves satisfaction. Thankfully I might be married to a guy who might oblige us. Let me know if you want an invite to this "someday" gathering. (**IMPORTANT UPDATE: See Scott's comment below. A pie fight is scheduled for 12/24/09 in Los Gatos, California at the Parentals' house. Bring a change of clothes and a towel, because we will be hosing off in the front yard.** It's my Christmas present to myself.)

If you haven't caught the 6 part Monty Python Documentary that aired last week the boxed set will be available in December. And there was much rejoicing, especially over the bit below. I watch it over and over.

This weekend I met up with L. from CCD Days (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine). L. is one of those lovely clever people who can make you laugh so hard that you have to sit down, lest you pass out or wet yourself. I adore this sensation. Bizarre, terrific and gorgeous, she managed to get me through Catholic Confirmation although I was having a severe ethical crisis over the whole affair. In the end I did get through it, but without Laura I think the high school years might have been completely unendurable. I doubt I would have survived it on my own so I am now pondering: how do you return a favor like that?

Brenda Dayne on the Fourth Plinth.


Scott said...

Pie fights? Heck yes! (provided the gooey-crusty melee can wait until the holidays)

Dare we introduce some form of custard/chocolate pudding to the mix?

Ben-Bob said...

Pie fight? Are you kidding?!? Count me IN!!!