Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Evening Non-News Flash

  • Japanese masking tape has taken over. Frighteningly pretty stuff.
  • I love my new kitchen. Today's dinner: tomato sammiches (orange and yellow with some striped green zebras), coleslaw and corn on the cob (Thanks, Ma!)
  • BART employees may go on strike tomorrow. Why? Because the ticket booth people want 100k a year. They don't dispense tickets and are, with a few exceptions, almost always rude beyond belief to everyone. BART drivers make 100k, but they actually make the damn trains go. (Contrary to popular belief they are manually operated 98% of the time.)
  • Woodstock? Really couldn't care less. Burning Man? Even more so.
  • I have named the stray Mooch. She wants to come in. Shred will not allow it. It may be time to call the Feral Cat Society and get Miss Mooch fixed. Such a sweetheart. Who would abandon such a sweet cat.

1 comment:

kirelimel said...

Well, for frick's sake, why would you go and show me all that Japanese masking tape...isn't enough that I'm obsessed with Bento? now I'm going to have a new problem draining the bank account. dammit.