Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Today when walking to work I saw a bit of hand penned graffitti on a paper bin. In a young feminine hand with purple and green ink it read:

"Peace begins with Personal Happiness."

Ah. Yes, Darling. Of course it all starts with you and your needs and your satisfaction. Claim you are working towards Peace with a capital P. Personal Happiness. Do you want sprinkles on that?

I must be reading this all wrong or am tired of slogging away in a little burgh full of enlightened little sparkly nymphs with all the answers. Somedays, it's a miracle I don't just take a bat to every chirpy twit spouting adolescent baloney.

Yeah, personal happiness is 'important' but it's a fleeting inconstant, although always welcome. Despair gets shit done. Angst creates a lot of socks and watches a lot of classic films that are not typically at the top of the heap. Joy picks great colors. Amusement keeps makes the next day possible.

Personal happiness is about you and maybe those who have to deal with you, but rarely goes further.


Cheesecake Maven said...

Oh man do I feel your pain. I'm back to work full-time and getting a heavy, heavy dose of the little nymphs to whom you refer here. As a "thank you" for a job well done recently, I purchased a very nice, stainless steel water bottle for one of these people. You know what she asked me? "Is this aluminum? Because I don't eat or drink from aluminum." I was so shocked that I wasn't fast enough to say "Honey, you're confusing assertiveness here with really awful manners." Yes, these young little nymphs who think the world owes them everything and that it is always about them, and their needs. It's driving me NUTS!!

Mnmom said...

That is so absolutely true! Happiness is merely a byproduct.