Friday, June 05, 2009

A Most Extraordinary 2:55 AM

Most fantastic dream. Superhero metaphor/date with God/dress rehearsal fiasco/fantastic finale/minor enlightenment. (note to self: we need toothpaste).

It was utterly capital A Awesome. This isn't usually the critique when one wakes up naked standing on the porch at 2:58 AM, hoping your unconscious remembered to unlock the knob on the way out. Yes, it did. Good.

Absolutely fantastic. Lucky me.
The Divine did mention the intention is for you to be happy; it just involves participation and effort. Deep 3:11 AM bows and thanks all 'round.

Gosh, this iPhone throws off so much light. Shiny.

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michaelg said...

I love enlightenment dreams. They are rare for me.

My Curt has frequent dreams of being a figure skater and landing impossible stunts. I want his dreams instead of the boredom my subconscious dredges up. Sheesh.