Friday, May 08, 2009

Things to be glad you are not witnessing

  • You know those assholes who are lurching around there in public in everyone's way, obliviously texting/cursing while taking not so good photographs on their shiny new iPhones, posting their productions to their grandmothers/Flickr/interactive souls? Yeah? I am now that asshole, as evidenced by the series of socks self-portraits on Facebook. Honestly, what else amd I supposed to do at work when all my ducks are lined up and saluting?
  • The Steven who is supposed to be working from home is trolling the internets and blasting old Prince albums so it's been the non-stop gogo dance party at Casa del Leiderhosen this afternoon.
  • The Shiny New Coffee God is installed in the kitchen and - boy HOWDY - is it amazing!
  • You must see this:
  • Oh, it's Ben Specific Media, also from

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Mnmom said...

The Venn Diagram? Yep, pretty much true.

Linda 'K' said...

Hiyer Girlfriend! Not sure if my emails have gotten through? My blog is dimsphere dot blogspot dot com. I'm actually doing it fairly regularly - amazing. I too have been warned that in June I am to have an I-phone - like it or not. I'm not even allowed to just take his old I-phone as it won't have the shiny new features (that I won't understand) like HIS! Of course the fact that my current cell is held together in several places with black electrician's tape is slightly embarassing, but only slightly!

Ben-Bob said...

Neda followed the flowchart to our niche and said "yup, that's us!"

I'm posting this comment from the new iPhone, by the way. Just so you know....