Sunday, April 26, 2009


As a present The Steven has bought me an iphone and just setting up the damn thing is proving to be quite the Time Suck. Gaahhhh.

Outside, it's more than lovely.It's officially Big Fuckoff Hat season. I found two so enormus that they make me look like a toadstool. Thankfully I am beyond caring.

Also a requirement: SPF 70 and parasols. (This season I have 2 left; One was offered to Jules' father's girlfriend who had just move to Las Vegas. Parasols are absolutely necessary if one is anywhere near Las Vegas providing shade and personal space.)

This evening I get to pick Mom up at SFO and drive her back to Pretentiousville after ten days of Catholic Charity Vacation in South America. As far as I can recall this is her first independant vacation so it will be interesting to hear how her visit to the leper colony was. (She was very excited about this.)

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