Friday, February 27, 2009

The Day Before Stitches

Knitting Group was last night and the ladies were in full froth. The Sleepover is tonight and tomorrow at 8:00 AM six caffeinated women shall be headed to the Santa Clara Convention Center with their Yarn Geek Flags flying.
What did we learn last night?: Don't knit from the fucking skein. Therein lies disaster, madness and frustration Wind it into a ball first. No. Stop. Gimme. GIVE it to me! Now! GIVE!!

I kind of blew my fiscal Stitches load prior to the whole event. A favorite dyer just got back to me about the 38 ounces of merino/silk roving in my requested colors she's collected for a request I put in two months ago, so I'll be set for the next little bit.

After Group I could not sleep and polished off the merino/bamboo lot into a DK singles. It's exceptionally shiny and looks like sterling silver. I think it wants to be something outrageous.


Mnmom said...

I envy your hobby (addiction?). Sounds marvelous. I can't seem to find a better hobby than reading and napping.

michaelg said...

Knitting from the skein was one of my deepest frustrations when I knit. Perhaps winding it into a ball would get me interested again. I didn't even know that was considered good manners. Sweet.
Have fun at your big event! I'm going to my big quilt event in Chicago in April. Wooo hooooo!