Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dang. Are we here again?

Reading: Eating for England by Nigel Slater
Spinning: It was a huuuuge weekend for the color pink (not my favorite color, but fleeting bouts with optimism tend to increase the stash of girly colors). Somewhere in the stash came 4 ounces of 100% alpaca from Freckle Face Fibers, which I've never used before. It was luscious.
What Will I DO With This Pink?: If nothing else, Perse next door will end up with a boa or a hat with ears someday. (I'm running behind in my knitting obligations) Perse is going through a pink stage. Kindergarten is going very well for her.
Culture Watch: We went to see Souvenir at ACT on Friday night. It was all right, but the two characters needed a bit more chemistry and collaborative comedic timing. I would love to see what the same show would look like mid-run. One act was pure performance with lots of ridiculous costume changes and silly dancing and an elderly bearded man across the balcony was doubled up howling with laughter. He was fantastic to watch.
Watched: Hamlet 2. Now the song Rock Me, Sexy Jesus is on high rotation.
Listening to: Savage Love. Love Dan.
Special Olympics: Valentine's Day Fun Run was Saturday in Campbell. The rain stopped just in time for the race and started up again 15 minutes after the crowd dispersed. Everyone did really very well: Two athletes placed (including the graceful Curtis who showed up 5 minutes late and placed third in his division) and five won prizes in the raffle. There was much joyful jumping and hooting.
Still Enjoying: The Lazy Stupid Godless Group on Ravelry. Anywhere we can address ourselves and other members are "twatweasels" shows signs of the first fraternal organization I've ever wanted to participate in. I am sure the chapeaus will be as astounding. The latest topic is titled: "There is no such thing as a free cat or Bleeding Money, Part II".
Nervous?: There have been no significant earthquakes lately. When we first moved back here, there'd be a jostle every month or so. I can't remember any in the last year large enough to cause alarm and a rush for any doorway. Maybe there is one coming.
Joy. Carla's in the Final Four of Top Chef. I am rather fond of Fabio and Hosea as well, but Carla is such an expression of goofy delicious joy. Must find her recipe for peas. Ah. Here it is. Compound butter....yum!!! I was awfully glad to see Leah leave; no wonder her boyfriend has moved on.


Scott said...

Newest knitting request: custom gloves for a friend with four fingers. Total.

Evidently, local tailors are hesitant to work with anything but the most standard fabrics and won't touch knits or leather.

I can't wait!

Mnmom said...

I love pink, it's so very pink. Did you know surrounding yourself with pink has calming qualities? The head football coach at my Big Ten alma mater had the visiting team's locker room painted pink. But I think that's a nasty use of a beautiful color.