Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thursday's in Flames

  • Latest Contest: The Steven and I have been trying to outdo each other with Al Pacino impressions. (I actually am doing Alec Baldwin doing Al Pacino, but it works.)
  • Watching: There has been nothing worth watching on television for the last three weeks. No loss.
  1. Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog DVD (great fun)
  2. Masterpiece's Jane Eyre; Ruth Wilson makes a very good Eyre with very convincing meltdowns.
  • Listening to: that horrible Librivox recording of Eyre. The accent (increasingly patrician) is still a train wreck, but I need something to listen to while cross stitching. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • Project Statuses: Obama cross stitch: 65% done. Looking good, but I am out of blue.
  • Spinning: Crown Mountain Farms Wild Horses, superwash. The fiber is mostly pre-drafted (aerated, but in a controlled way) so it's spinning up very fast. Browns, greys and some very fiery oranges and reds.
  • Latest Yarn Lust: Blue Moon Fiber Art's Spirits series. I am holding out buying anything before Stitches West. Even then, restraint will be practiced, even if the mighty but tiny Jessica can get me to the STR booth first.
  • Reliving: vacation. Tidepooling and stormy days, particularly.
  • Overly Fond of: commas.
  • Blog Reading: Mark Bittman's excellent post about cleaning up kitchen staples.
  • Office Accessories: Shawl, extra sweater. Might as well move work outside.
  • Still Obsessed with: the Shiba Cam. They have promised us new puppies soon.
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catmum said...

Maybe Treasure Island or Anne of Green Gables, from Librivox. Audible has some good stuff, one of my favorite series, His Dark Materials, read by the author himself, and also another series, "Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell" Any of the Bill Bryson books, read by him.

catmum said...

ooh, ooh, more books to hear:
any of Nuala O'Faolain's books, wow. and much as I hate to admit it, Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series.