Monday, January 19, 2009

Random Monday

The leaf blower dude next door has just upended the idea of sleeping in today (UC Holiday). The Steven's company is having a minor disaster so he is taking his ass and the train into work. So we are alone again at last, Darlings.

Saturday was the perfect day for Special Olympics practice. Sue, Stacey and David were all there.
Darling Ruben (Heather's paramour) still seems to think Heather is gone away somewhere and will be coming back. We have tried to explain death, finality and Heaven and all that. This loop he is in is a bit heartbreaking.

Spinning from stash: unknown fiber mix from Pigeonroof (At best guess: merino/silk), colorway Blackthorne which is this enigmatic deep blackish purple that I have to hide in the freezer lest other people see it and beg it off of me. Even non-knitters run away with skeins of it.

I am unenthusiastic about any materials in the house from Netflix. Joss Weedon's Dr. Horrible Sing Along Blog DVD came last week and I highly recommend it as the commentaries (there are two; one sung) are fantastically funny.

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