Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday, Monday

First, Something Deliciously Funny: "Obama's "version of Single Ladies

Excuses: I spun up some deliciousness and tried to photograph the current production. The treehouse is kind of dark and my crap is everywhere.

State of Mind: I'm still riding a wave of elation which has very little to do with me. Nevertheless: in this fit of wild optimism, I rushed over to Article Pract (the Local Yarn Store or in knitspeak: LYS) and nipped up a 2 ounces of solid pink silk merino blend to spin.

State of Mind, Part II: When checking out with my girlie bag of pink silk, a rather adamant customer was insisting that the salesperson should be able find the time right now to refresh her memory on how to knit and purl. The store was a crowding up and the salesgirl couldn't really afford the time for a private knitting lesson so I volunteered to take over the refresher lesson. Thirty minutes later, the customer was off and running with $60 worth of Elsbeth Lavold silky wool in an intense and sexy charcoal. It turns out this lady is the executive chef at Boulevard in the city and she's offered to feed me next time in town, but I am too shy to take her up on it. Another knitter is born.

Eating: Sticky Toffee Pudding (Mr. Betty -and father of the lovely Hazel- at Bakesale Betty's pressed and extra entire cake on me and somehow I ended up with twice as much caramel sauce as needed. Is anyone throwing an orgy?

Listening to: XM Radio 40's station, which has some of the silliest music ever. The Steven's interpretive dances are fascinating.

The Big Question: do I really need to join Facebook?

Today's Unlikely Words:
Thank you, GWB.

To the East Bay Needlework and Anarchy Society: Stitches West approaches! The vendor map has been released.

Who says we are not six?: 13 extraordinary treehouses.

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Little Sister said...

LOVED the Obama song. And, if I lived close to you I would go with you for dinner at Boulevard...I love to cook and eat and dine and meet people who do the if I only knitted...can you teach via blogsphere??