Monday, January 05, 2009

Back in My Stall

  • Longing for some of the vampire bat slippers (
  • Back in the office: 56 emails, 14 voicemails, 2 catastrophes, 11.5 months to go 'till until the next 2 week break. To be scheduled: 1 crying jag.
  • There was not a soul in Starbucks this morning (UC classes don't start until next week) and three people assisted with my order. The fourth on staff (a beautiful tattooed Latino gentleman) who had nothing to do croon "My Guy" along with the piped-in music.
  • Tyra Banks. In the name of all that is holy: Why?
  • Further proof I should not be responsible to children: 5 & 6 year olds attempt to elope to Africa. (
  • Matt Smith is tapped to play the next (11th!) Doctor Who. What a completely unusual face with very white skin, wide nose bridge, no eyebrows, india ink splotch eyes. He's such an untried actor I am having trouble locating a photo for you. Don't be mistaken, it's interesting beauty and Smith has an utterly lovely neck. (also A sense of humor and a lovely neck can make up for more than a few shortcomings.


Linda 'K' said...

32 Ounces? Holy Crappolini!

My they handled the dashing of the children's wedding plans well. I could never be a reasonable parent. Have never regretted my
30th birthday present to myself - Laparoscopy!

Mnmom said...

11.5 months until another 2 week break - I hadn't thought of it that way. That's just too depressing. Think I'll join you on that crying jag.

I want to be wealthy and do a great deal more lolling about and handing out cash to folks in trouble.

michaelg said...

Starbucks: aren't the young people pretty?

Tyra Banks: she has given us America's Next Top Model. That's why.