Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Snack Review

Tom Yum Cashews: How did that ever leave the lab?

This snack has the mouth feel of damp gravel mixed with oyster shells and old bamboo clippings. Chewing is unpleasant; swallowing is almost painful and inevitably there is some part that has to be coughed up or spit out.

The second item in ingredients: lemongrass. Even if you've had a passing dalliance with this ingredient you probably understand why so little goes a long way as it is highly fibrous; when used to cook with only the very inside light green tender bit is used and the other 98.5% is thrown in stock (then discarded) or best just thrown away. Not here; they've used every twine-like fleck. There is lots and lots of the dry shredded stickery bits in this snack!

I'm all for a risky mouthful every once in awhile in the name of TJ Adventures, but Tom Yum Cashews should be avoided.


michaelg said...

Yikes. Is this a Trader Joe's mishap? Typically their snacks are fantabulous. For example- ginger cat cookies, of which I've consumed almost an entire bucket in a week.

Mnmom said...

Warning heeded

Little Sister said...

Ewe...they sound awful and yet the name sounded so exotic..thanks for the heads up.