Sunday, December 21, 2008


Thank you, Dear Reader, for the words of support. December sure can be a nipple-twister, just with all the expectations and self-induced pressure. I'm not the only one in need of an emotional defragmentation. I'd take all of you away from it if I could.

I have fled the urban setting and will soon be in a place a where troubles can easily be forgotten, with a really bitchin' bathtub and a bottle of Oban. At the moment, the current locale has a fantastic mattress and I can hear the rain on the roof.

(I am not off my meds, although the Wellbutrin chaser is making me call people "Darling". Gah!)

Many thanks, Jen, for watching the pussycat. It is like bestowing one's 95 year old mum on someone responsible. Shred get cranky without people to sit on.


Ben-Bob said...

Have a wonderful retreat, my dear. I'm sure I speak for your entire large and devoted fan club in wishing you a long and sublime soak....

Mnmom said...

Have a soak for me too! I'm spending the break with my right-leaning, over-consuming, urban-dwelling in-laws.