Thursday, December 25, 2008

Rain, Sun and Animals

It's been rainy stormy, gusty, bright and shining all within the last half hour. Splendid.

We went North along the coves this morning looking for seals and saw the following:
  • Three seals body surfing, one sunning. All seals are named Earl, BTW.
  • Lots of deer (M, F and babies)
  • Three wild turkeys (2 F and 1 M); all had these very strange grey feather tassles from their chests
  • Countless other birds, including a raptor flying off with a rather large rodent in it's talons. I like the sandpipers the best (cue Benny Hill music).
Tuesday was a great tidepooling day
  • the motherload of celadon colored sea anemones, from very small to the size of a dinner plate.
  • two glorious seaslugs that looks like outrageously beautiful christmas wrapping
  • A few purple spiny sea urchins (The Steven had to be reminded that this is his least favorite sushi.)
  • Starfish: orange and red and two purple
  • a few crabs and a few other lovelies
(this is from just one set of tidepools)

In the evening our walk was southward to see the sea caves and cliffs, which were spectacular in their own right and came upon a cove with 40 foot high cliffs that you could feel the wind bashing against it and all the birds were playing in the air current.

An entire battalion of pelicans swooped all around us riding the air; both grey with blue bills and white with orange bills. Some were flying at eye level, just off the cliff face less that 4 feet away. They are awfully large animals and look enough like pterodactyls to be really disconcerting close up.

It's raining again and I have some singles in need of plying up and some laundry to finish up.


catmum said...

hooray for beach walks,sounds wonderful. Pelicans are my favorite ("their beaks can hold more than they belly-can")
The tufts on the chest of turkeys are called beards. Hunters collect and display them :-[

Linda 'K' said...

Wherever you are it sounds SO lovely! Hard to picture The Steven identifying tide pool creatures. Is it a Zen thing? I always think of you both as the epitome of coolness as you always know the best and where to find it - food, entertainment, places to escape.... Meanwhile it's still snowing/sort of raining in Seattle. The little hanging egg-shaped clusters of birdseed pressed into suet have finally been attacked with vigor. I was going to be really depressed if no one found them.