Friday, December 19, 2008

Let's call today a wash.

I fought with 'superiors' at work, due to living in a constant state of disappointment, overwork and borderline poverty.
I fought at home with Barbara over a refusal to live in an unheated environment.
I fought with some old codger in Berkeley Bowl who uses shoving as a form of communication.

I miss my mom. I forgot my birthday was coming up. I'm tired, cold, and losing my grip.
My reasons for being blue are awfully flimsy.


michaelg said...

When is the Madame's birthday??

Days like this suck. I have them too. I hope you were able to pet some soft bunny fiber and have a glass of wine at home.

And, where is your mom? She's still with us, right?

kirelimel said...

You're far too creative to be blue! Be cobalt at least or indigo...and those are hardly flimsy reasons- cold can make one cry. I know, I live in Minnesota. And people being rude can be the straw. Happy birthday, happy birthday. Treat yourself to something totally silly and indulgent. and lastly, breathe, deeply and know that you are precious and well loved in the the blogging world.

catmum said...

Sorry. Breathe. Drink a little something hot. Knit. Remember you are loved. And have fans.

Mnmom said...

When's your birthday babe? Mine's coming up too. Let's have a virtual party!

I hate days like that, and can relate to the poverty piece and missing a Mom. Mine's long gone - where is yours?

You are loved, very loved.