Thursday, December 11, 2008

An Etsy Public Service Announcement

Dirty Sanchez makes soap and writes the best descriptions ever. (

The Steven and I this year are facing another Christmas. We are planning on hiding out.
We don't decorate, we don't celebrate in a conventional manner.
What we do is stuff each others stockings, with the brou-ha-ha limit being a hundred bucks.

With things even more tight this year, if I'm not knitting/spinning up a gift I am buying it off These real people and artists are into producing original, beautiful and fun stuff and I'd rather give my dough to them. Go take a look or go support your local artist.


Linda 'K' said...

Ah yes, Xmas! As I remember I got away with leaving without a clock but got to leave Der Bingo CDs with y'all to find a home for. Stocking stuffers are SO much more fun.... Are you selling things on Etsy? Or just drooling onto your keyboard over other's?

Linda "K"

Mnmom said...

I just spent 30 minutes browsing Etsy and now I'm hooked. I want one of those fancy aprons!

claire said...

Nope, we are free of Christmas/holidays of all stripes too! It's great. My grown kids know NOT to send me anything, no obligatory cards, gifts, calls etc. I help them $ throughout the year, and knit them socks and mittens and stuff they need...not around the holidays. It's is so freeing for all of us. We often forget, and wonder why everyone is so crabby!