Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Thoughts

  1. I am still totally grooving on a merino/bamboo which spins up into a single that looks like polished stainless steel. It's smooth, bump and vegetation free and does exactly what I need it too. This is good, considering I have 6.75 more ounces to spin up.
  2. How cool is this? A Mother Marion Kickwheel.
  3. I just bought a print of the previously mentioned Patrick Mobergs's November 4, 2008 illustration.
  4. My dad's hands are trembling more than ever; Mom once again let yet another paternally inheritable health fact drop that some day my hands will also be quaking as violently. I think if you boil us down, our family is pretty mechanically adept. We like the things our hands create. Am I going to have to say goodbye to that? (Note to self: look into the possibility of knitting with toes and peanut butter as a consumable adhesive.)
  5. Tattoo number three is officially in the works. Will get it completed and installed before the next birthday. Anyone know a good tattoo artist in the Bay Area?
  6. Want!
  7. Miss Melinda June is freezing her tuckus off. I am threatening her with woolly things, hoping she'll respond as I could use a change of project. C'mon! Since when do blog stalkers offer scarves and hats with horns!?
  8. I give you: The Stunt Turkey!

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Mnmom said...

Stunt Turkey!!! How wonderful!!!!