Monday, November 10, 2008

Game On!

A double batch of fleur de sels caramels has been wrapped and is ready to go!
Price to you? Totally free. Not even postage, Beloveds.

Is anyone interested?

Claim your own free packet by leaving a comment in this post, noting either something good in your life or which Bush Cabinet Member would you like to have put through the wood chipper. Or compose a short Haiku for Maddie Allbright.

For those darling people who don't like sticky delicious handmade caramels or can't eat them, they do make excellent bribes to people you wish to rule for five minutes at a time. Try to govern your tiny nation wisely.

I will ship them out until they are gone! Good Luck!

You guys in Tuku and Great Britain? I am intrigued! Say hello!


Mnmom said...

I'd love them! Even though I'm trying to lose weight, I can have just one and share the rest with loved ones, right?

michaelg said...

My Haiku

A brilliant mind
With wit and grace... purest gold
Dearest Madeline

Shit. I'm no poet.
Even Madeline would say
Weak. Try again please.

Madame Leiderhosen said...

But an excellent effort! Thanks!

Madame Leiderhosen said...

Of course! Sharing's good!

Ben-Bob said...

Facing down Belgrade.
On top at Foggy Bottom.
Will Obama call?

|chee-uh| said...

Yumm...I've never tried any before. If you are out, maybe you can share a recipe?