Sunday, November 09, 2008

Ah. Blog Post Number 300.

Mum's got a new car. It's a fully loaded Honda ("hey! XM! righteous!") and it's pretty. We were sitting in the car dealership yesterday, signing a bazillion forms and it struck us that car cost what Da and Mum paid for their Preteniousville California Ranch house forty-two years ago: $26,ooo.

Da may spend his life acting like a single guy, but he does like to make sure we have good cars.

Fiddly bits from the mind of Uncle Leiderhosen:
  • It's early Sunday Morning and the sun isn't even up. The heater turned itself on and the cat has taken up residence inside my robe. It rained yesterday.
  • I am still hopeful and excited about Obama's term. Our loss at Prop 8 is just battle in a war we will win.
  • Wee Wonderfuls
  • Kalinumba shawl patterns are unequalled. And in three languages.
  • Edda and Amos at 9 Chickweed Lane are getting it on. Brooke McEldowney is pretty fabulous.

9 Chickweed Lane

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