Monday, October 27, 2008

Eight Days Until Election. General Blog Wide Freakout.

The Daily Beast has an article by a Paul Szep political cartoonist describing the challenges of caricaturing McCain. Teeth have a lot to do with it.

Over coffee this morning, Steven was on a minor rant about the Undecided Voter. One of them was whining at work about how neither candidate wasn't quite what she wanted.

So Steven busted out with: "So do you want to appoint Sarah Palin to office?"

The lady's eyes got very wide and her hands twisted into each other and she whimpered: "Ah eeeee Ohohoh nooo! No!"

"Well, there you have it.", says the Steven and saunters away.
See? He does this with everyone, not just me.

Well, shoot. Crown Mountain Farm's pencil roving is on sale for $16 for a whopping 8 oz, even the colorways based on song titles. (This is what they look like spun up.)

Please clean them out before I get my paycheck. They make a dazzlingly soft baby camel/silk combination which could simply be described as erotic.

This Week, planning for November
  • Arrange Hooky Day with Mom in SF to see the New Academy of Sciences Museum.
  • Find a way to drag Ben out for a drink. Or I will start to believe he does not exist.
  • Stop being self conscious and shy and weird and invite Knitting/Drinking Group over for dinner and Hitchcock.
  • It's officially Fleur de Sels Caramel Season; I've already promised a couple packages in trades on Ravelry. Blog readers will be up next.
  • Pack up a little exotic salts for MN Mom. I could go on and on with descriptions, but it's just easier and more fun to taste test.
  • Write up a review of Mongol. Was fantastic. I would have watched it just for the landscapes. The side effect is a terrible crush on Mongolian actress Khulan Chuluun.
  • Attend to your every comment. C'mon. Just say hallo. Please?


catmum said...

wow, loved Mongol my own self. What cinematography, and yes, Khulan is simply gorgeous. The movie seems like just the beginning...dare we hope for a part deux?

michaelg said...

This Steven. We like him. Does he blog himself or just vicarioulsy through you?

Did you say caramel season is approaching? I'm sitting up straight and on my best behavior. Ok, trying to be on my best behavior.