Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bird Watching in the Mecca for Fools

Guava bush on the Embarcadero, San Francisco 9/10 5:15 PM at eye-level.
Yes. Parrots. Preening, scawking, squabbling, showboating parrots. They were very aware that the bush they lit on was surrounded by two dozen tourists and locals all with cameras and cellphones. The flock did everything but grant interviews.
They were so close you could stroke them.

Listening to: Carla Bruni's new album: Comme Si de Rien N'Etait. Very good.
Craving: A bear claw or anything with toasted almonds
Knitting: the Cookie A's Katrina sweater, take two ( increase issue on previous edition)
Spinning: Fat Cats superwash, sky blue and a rich light tan.
Finished: Plying Fat Cat's Oscar. It's wet and dripping from a doorknob
Thinking: I need more Pilot Precise Pens, blue.
Tonight: Jessica and Knitting/Drinking Group
Hoping: to fiscally make it through the month.
Reading: Spin Off Magazine
Dreading: A proposed dinking with of funding (yep, it's my job)
Lost: ??
Found: Five quarters. I love quarters.
Happy about: Meeting the delightful Ms. Ordover and Aiden, both of which made it home and are now recovering.
Wondering: Where/When is Henry?
Little Blue Monster Status: Snoozing, snoring little poofs of gold smoke. It's early.

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