Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Moth Killer Speaks

You know it's a good day when you flip on the long ignored television and the first thing you see is Jon Heder, in full Napoleon Dynamite mode, whipping out his fantastic dance routine. There must be a god of small deliciously funny occasions. I wonder what would be an appropriate sacrifice.

There is the usual smattering of wool moths about. Not any more than usual this time of year but considering the amount of wool in the house I get a little nuts. The Steven has to duck grabbing hands and swinging brooms, but the house spiders get a little reprieve with the understanding that they are to eat well. And I'll say it again, make sure your favorite sweater is clean when you store it. Buy some extra insurance and keep it in a ziploc.

On the topic of other ornery fluttery things, Fred the Hummingbird has taken to sitting on top of the feeder hook, all puffed up and charging at interlopers. In the evenings we sit on the porch and watch him duel it out with every other hummingbird in the neighborhood.

A whopping eight ounces of Crown Mountain Dancing Dervish BFL (pronounced"Biffle") has been spun, plied and godamn well finished. It is currently hanging dripping on the entrance steps weighted down by toxin spewing outmoded water bottles doing public service time. Quite pretty, Purples with a smattering of oranges golds and other unexpected bits. Eight ounces is quite a lot, but it was pencil roving which is wicked easy. How much more Crown Mountain do I have stashed in The Potter Room, waiting to be spun? Five, I think...which would be forty ounces. I may need to sit down.

Beloved Franklin has an Etsy shop! Now would he design my next tattoo?

Mad Men is on! Must trot. What set to dress and where the hell do they get the women's eyeglasses and all those complicated foundation garments?


Medieval Needle said...

The god would be Loki, or Coyote. And he likes ham sandwiches and beer ;)

Mnmom said...

Since I started perimenopause, I dont need sweaters, even in Minnesota. But thanks for the tip anyway!