Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Up all night.

I went round and round on a topic last Saturday with someone: sexual preferences: sources, outcomes, society. Tiresomely 'round and 'round the assumption mulberry bush.

Then there was a general discussion of prey. Why are the abused mostly women and children? Because, on the whole, they are smaller and thought to be easier to intimidate. Ask any woman. Ask anyone who has been a child what intimidation is. Why bother feigning shock? The whole discussion is bothering me enough to keep me up for a couple of nights.

The spinning is going well, for the most part. I've been working on a couple "Orphan" skeins using bits and pieces from dyers (most pieces only a couple grams in some wild colorways) and then Navajo plying them all together. It's quite the experiment. In the end the studio will be less cluttered, I will have more bobbins/less wool and the cat will have to find another soft place to sleep.

At the moment the most recent prepared wool is a mystery: it's the color of the inside of a bunny's ear. It's marvelously soft and wicked slippery smooth. It doesn't cling together the way wool does or pop apart the way silk will. There's too much crimp to be llama or alpaca and the staple length is too long to be rabbity. If it was cashmere, the dyer would not have sent to me in a mixed bag. I have smelled, licked, groped, examined, wetted and will finally set it afire in the sink, probably only to confirm it to be some kind of mammal hair. It has been stuffed in my bra (allergy test) and compared to the cat. (It is softer than the cat.) I'm off to find the matches.

Goodnight, Darlings.
- Madame


kirelimel said...

Papillion dogs are soft as bunnies and have longer fur...I can't wait to find out what the wool is!!!

Sorry to hear you are bothered by the conversation. I hate when that happens. pleh is the best response.

Anushka said...

sorry, it was Some Like It Hot - not Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, since I've never seen that ;)

Mnmom said...

Like earworms, I have brain worms. I redo conversations over and over in my head, and rehearse what I SHOULD have said. Pathetic.

michaelg said...

Where is our Madame L?? Can it really be more than a month since you've posted? (I suspect you're out having too much fun with Benbob, Lady M and the bunny.)

Mnmom said...

Yes, where is Madame L?????
Helllooooooo???? Madame L???????

kirelimel said...

I think she's plurking. Check the left side of the blog and find the link. Hopefully she'll see how much we miss her and come back to the blogspot.

Mnmom said...

Plurking?? I took a nap, and the world invented a new verb??