Thursday, May 29, 2008

Morning thoughts

A tip of the cap to Mindy-O-Rama, as I am stealing her idea today. (Allright, maybe no cap, but I do have the ever-present hair elastic to shoot across the room. (I can't think with hair in my face. There is a lot of it.)

1. Oooo. Seasonal Produce Map from Epicurious.
2. Best. Cartoon. Evah.
3. An article on the Steampunk Movement. Must remember to tell Jess.
4. Craving new lipstick in a very bad way. I put on some Bobbi Brown today to find it rancid. Ew.
5. Relief. May is almost over and it did not sucketh. No more weddings or travel for a while.
6. Shakespearean Pie (too goddamn funny.)
7. Bay to Breakers, inciting SF wackiness since 1912. Maybe next year.
8. Maybe the baths on Sunday. -scrub*scrub*scrub-
9. The Unclutterer website.
10. Compulsively checking the craiglist rss feed for SF Housing.

1 comment:

Melinda June said...

See how useful the random thoughts list is?

Excellent links, by the way. I seldom laugh out loud before coffee. Well done.