Friday, May 30, 2008


Ah. Garrison takes on the Nazis, refers to the GWB as "Current Occupant".
I have loved Keillor (and his face made for radio) since spending a mere five bucks to attend a reading of his in Seattle's Town Hall. While monologuing, he fluffed up a few very large ferns, rearranged the podium, moved his stool twice and fussed about with his water glass without once using and derivation of "umlikeyaknowwhatever" once. Very much a storyteller in motion, what would he do on a completely empty stage? Then he led the audience in a quietly toned "Shall the Circle Be Unbroken" which is enough to unglue me entirely.

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Mnmom said...

He is something, isn't he? But I live in MN and therefore have sworn to uphold him.

I have two CD's of his Hopeful Gospel Quartet. Love em