Monday, March 03, 2008

Two Ladies and a Puppy

Oh, Darlings: I did not intend to give the impression that I was adopting the adorable squishy puppy in the previous post; rather my office mate Luis was lucky enough to be her new daddy. Lucky dog, lucky Luis. She'll be dropping by again tomorrow morning. (Yes, we gave the original owners opportunity to claim her, but they failed to do so.)

Lady I (the mystery)
While having coffee Saturday morning in the pretentious and overblown downtown in my hometown of Pretentiousville, I ran into a Mrs. _____ who was a high school teacher of mine, now quite psychotic and homeless. In conversation her wide blue Danish eyes rocketed between vivacity and deep sorrow. She was dressed rather stylishly but clothes were worn out, smelling divinely clean. I remember ______ was at Heather's memorial service in May of last year, that she had pressed upon my mother a magnet of the Lady of the Streets, quite insistent that it was a gift and she had not stolen it.

Mrs. _____ mentioned prostitution, venereal disease, the children and husband that have abandoned her. I have added her to the list of people stuck between this world and the next, wondering if there is anything that could pull her back into this world and make her more comfortable. How did this happen? How has Pretentiousville failed a public servant?

Notes on Lady II (whom you have heard about previously)
My own mother never ceases to amaze me. She seems as out of place in Pretentiousville as I am; maybe more so, steadfastly remaining the girl from Gooding, Idaho pop. 255. My greatest joy is making her laugh.

She can keep tabs on an entire town, intrigues and all. Her disdain for philandering and hair plugs is particularly comic.


kirelimel said...

No puppy? sniff, sniff but I was getting so excited! I was going to assure you that you would water it and walk it EVERYDAY and that you would clean up after it! I was sure you'd say yes!!!

michaelg said...

That is a heart breaking story about Mrs. _____. Makes me ache just to imagine the series of events that get people like her to where they are.