Monday, March 03, 2008

Onions and the Blues

A beautiful use of a only moderately observed hour and a cast iron pan: caramelized onions. Over pasta, on a pizza, on salad, over cheese or straight from the pan. It takes as much time to do 10 onions as it takes to make 2 so you might as well break out both skillets and the safety goggles. Hella sweet and savory at the same time, it's flavor money in the bank, Baby. Or the 'fridge. (Yes, goggles. And if you have a mandoline or v-slicer, even better.)
  1. Preheat skillet (standard, not non-stick) on medium heat, no oil.
  2. Thinly slice a whole heap of onions (red, sweets, standard yellah), about 4 cups. Pile as many into a skillet as you can and still get the lid on.
  3. Dump onions in skillet. Clap on lid. Stir every five minutes for a total of 20 minutes when the onions have given up their juice and start looking drier and begin to stick. Uncover.
  4. Douse with 4 T. olive oil. Stir and don't go too far away.
  5. Give the onions a stir every five minutes or so until onions collapse and turn unctuous, brown and jam-like.
  6. Allow to caramelize as dark as you like without burning them (which makes them bitter).
  7. Season to taste with good salt and fresh pepper and maybe some thyme.
  8. Package this goodness up in something airtight.
XM Radio: I love love love it. The Bluesville station is nice, but they tend to focus on the less depressed blues. (The woman still might leave, but the dog doesn't die.) Picture the Madame L. stirring her onions while paroosing the new Ikea catalog singing along with "I'm a Man: M-A-N, MAN". Tragic, possibly. Amusing/horrifying the the neighbors across the way, hopefully.

Reading: Noel Coward's letters. Juicy! And Spring knitting porn.
Nails: bare, moderately nibbled. Toes: dark red with two black flowers (souvenirs of the San Diego Girls' Weekend); If wasn't wearing closed shoes I'd have more explaining to do than if I showed up to work in drag.
On: the usual chemicals, plus 10 mg melatonin as I am hoping to for a replay of last week's dream of playing Scrabble with Aisha Tyler and some explanation on why all dreams involve Nutella.
Researching: Tickets to the East Coast (Scott, my love: my idea of camping is complimentary in room coffee), English roses


Mnmom said...

Can't wait to try those! I've always been a failure at lovely carmelized onions but you've inspired me to give it one more try, and with your instructions how can I miss? Thanks!

michaelg said...

YUM! I just made these for inclusion in a strata for MNMom and Kirelimel tomorrow. I added a little truffle oil wit the olive oil. Sweet, earthy yumminess. You're welcome to come over if you want. MNMom can pick you up at the airport on her way up. :o)