Monday, March 10, 2008

A Movie to not watch and one to watch again.

The Holiday is the most overproduced and overwritten sentimental dreck ever. A perfect waste of Rufus Sewell maybe even Jack Black's eyebrows. Complete slop. Go watch something else. Anything else.

For example: Guy Ritchie's Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. Love the soundtrack and the way it syncs with the action (James Brown's Payback segues perfectly into a rather beautifully done shootout all soaked with scotch colored sepia tones) . Jason Statham's backflip in the bar is breathtakingly sexy. Can I just spend the day watching him dodge around, jumping over things?

oo. Scotch. Don't mind if I do.

Steven's tucked away in his office playing Second Life again and I am tucked out here, causing trouble and not thinking about the Strauss raspberry ice cream in the freezer. Really.

All the trees around here have gone from full flower to that highly optimistic yellow/green budding phase. I dropped all my lunch money for the month on some new herbs, half inside, half out. I even planted two pots of chive seeds and one has a few lovely green sproutlings already!

Reservations have been made for The Scott and Sarah Wedding Spectacular in May and I can hardly wait. This is one of those rare occasions where the dress code is wide open. One could show up in a pair of bandaids, a kurta or a used gorilla suit and, provided you can work a concertina or yodel, you'd be perfectly attired.

This is my sweet beloved Sarah and me:
Isn't she lovely? I adore her.

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Linda 'K' said...

I godda Kurta! You want? I godda blog too but you'd never know it!