Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Don't you think.

It has not been a good week. And it's only Tuesday. A decade ago, I'd have picked out my least favorite piece of furniture and reduced it to kindling.

Someday I should write on the positive spin on aggressive and suicidal tendencies, but today is not that day. Plus since May 2007, I've been medicated to the gills and that particular dark flirtation has taken up residence in a moldy box of books in the basement. I don't see any reason to quit medication anytime real soon; it's been nice to live a bit without that dark little cloud even if it makes orgasms a bit elusive.

No need to worry, Pumpkins. I have a new recipe for brioche pecan swirl bread.

I just had a lovely pint of Woodchuck Hard Cider at our cozy local pub. No silly clove smoke, Guinness is on tap, people bring their kids, lots of fried food and mac and cheese on the menu.


Linda 'K' said...

Yummy! Next time I visit can we go THERE? Hmmmm?

Ahhhh, medications. Hard to believe we lived (sorta) all those years before being medicated. Had more decisions to make in the "pre" days too. "Whom shall I kill today...Me? Why not....Okay, maybe I'll put it for one more day." You can drink Hard Cider with your meds? Ooooooo.

Mnmom said...

I love hard cider. Good to know that humanity is safe for one more day.

Melinda June said...

So can you share the brioche pecan swirl recipe or is it top secret? Not fair to mention something like that when I am 8000 miles away, you know.