Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Visitor at Work

One of the graduate students in our department found a lost puppy Tuesday night and without a place to keep her, brought her into work.
She is really just the sweetest puppy.

Madeline Albright was on the Daily Show lat night. She was wicked funny.


kirelimel said...

That's a keeper... those big giant baby dog has those same midlevel floppy ears. LOVE them. I hope you adopt it. You should. Really. Dogs are great. Really. go ahead, keep the dog. imagine the sweaters you could knit for it. really.

Mnmom said...

That looks so much like the dog we had when I was a kid - and she was the PERFECT dog! I'd take her if we lived closer.

michaelg said...

You really need a puppy about now, don't you??? Look at that little face, just begging you to take her home. And look at the little white tips of her little toes. Dogs are snuggly and wonderful, exuberant little things.
I've seen several interviews with Madeline. She is one of the smartest people on earth and has a wit that you wouldn't expect. Fun at a party, I'll bet.

kirelimel said...

What's happened to the darling puppy? I can't stand the not knowing...oh, say you have a puppy-pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssseee!!!!!!