Sunday, February 24, 2008

Diablo Cody Wins! Jess and Dan are getting Married! I have Yarn!

So JessiciaOtherwiseKnownasKnittingGroup and her Lovely Man Dan are engaged, engaged, engaged! Well done, Dan! Now when I see the almond trees exploding into bloom and the cherry trees frothing over their pinkness I will remember that this is when a very sweet thing happened.

Jess shows great clarity, odd but charming humor and wisdom beyond her years. As a very stylish lady she doesn't make fun of the way I dress and for that let us be truly grateful.

Stitches West was this weekend and Jess and I did the haul down to Santa Clara to rub elbows with the knitterati. (Yes, at one instance, I jumped up and down uncontrollably pointing out my favorite sock designer.) As exhausting as it was, Jess was great fun and the absolutely rightest person to go with. We actually laid out a strategy the week before, complete with map. She made sure I scored Socks That Rock yarn in some righteous colorways, including a fantastic rare Rook millend. FYI: I'll be eating ramen for the rest of the season.

On the same yarny topic: I wound up everything I've spun in the last year. Photos to come.
We haven't actually able to use the dining room table as it has where the newly spun skeins are flung as I am reaching for more roving. I've got the years' production all piled up on it, neatly wound into centerpull cakes. An excess of riches.

Oscar Recap
Can we just say how delicious Tilda Swinton is? Fingers and cheekbones for days! (Does anyone else remember the nude photos she did for the New Yorker with Avedon back in the 1990s?)

Diablo Cody wins! Diablo Cody wins!

Harrison Ford has deeply disappointed me since he's been bangin' Stickfigure Flockhart. Honestly her hair tonight was styled exactly as mine ... when I am cleaning the floors.


michaelg said...

Tilda! Tilda! Tilda! I love that woman!
Hey, has he quit coughing yet??

Ben-Bob said...

Mill end!? You yarnstormers have the best jargon!

I agree about Tilda. I got the impression that her thank you was unprepared -- and it was the best of the night.

It looked to me like Mr. Ford had taken a bit too much of the ol' Nerves-B-Gon.

Mnmom said...

Harrison Ford has developed an anxiety disorder after listening to bones clattering together for several years. He looked downright scared.