Monday, February 11, 2008


How many nights of non-stop spousal coughing does one actually have to endure before being perfectly justified in picking up something heavy and bludgeoning the Cougher with it?

Bad Madame. Bad...

Actually everyone is disgusting sickums here. The entire office was either hacking or absent last week. Even the cat is breathing noisily. The cat and I are not speaking.

These are the angora booties I knitted for T'Oly (still experimenting with those nicknames). This setup is my ideal knitting situation. The coffee has a teaspoon of raw sugar in it. The 2 quart coffee mothership is out of camera range.

Still in a state of angora lust? Here's a close up.

This is the latest edition on the wheel, mid creation. Silk, it's original state can be found here. Fabulous stuff. Wicked shiny and it squeeks when spun.

Fillip Munkee says: Screw the Man. I am following the instructions of someone's monkey puppet.


Mnmom said...

Those are just adorable!!! That is one lucky niece. If my babes had those, I'd save them after they had outgrown them and put them on the Christmas tree every year.
I made a big pot-o-coffee this morning. When I returned to the kitchen I thought "Hey, where's all the coffee, and why are my feet wet?" Turns out the carafe had a large hole in it. Disaster ensued.

michaelg said...

To answer your first question, I'll let my spouse, Curt, answer:

The answer is: not even one night. Make coughing spouse go to guest room or couch.

Pink angora booties. Do they come in size 14?

Mnmom said...

Oh! I forgot to answer your question. You boot him/her out! If I'm up coughing I don't waste any time and head straight for the couch or guest bed.
Now snoring on the other hand has become a real menace in our marriage.

kirelimel said...

The booties are most fantastic!

As for the other just need to come up with your own issue that is more annoying to him so he will move- why should you have to give up the bed? I think some high pitched groaning with every exhale might do the trick. Or clear your throat in a dramatic fashion every minute or so.