Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The last thing you want to hear from me... "Oh. What sexy pots." And don't say I didn't tell you first.

On the subject of madasscrazysexy, why did no one tell me about the long-discontinued UK Discovery Channel's Mongrel Nation? Here, see for yourself: Patently Absurd YouTube Link Unless You Have Something Better To Do.

Mindy? Darling? You are to warn me if Izzard does anything in the UK that might warrant my immediate attention, including his maybe, say post-drinking binge, advertising for a Broad with experience in buttoning up Blokes in Dresses. I might know someone. Pay ya off in Crystal Delight, I swear.

Dyeing Genius Wollmeise has a blog. She just completed a series of yarn based on artists.


Ben-Bob said...

What sexy pots.... You'd be surprised how often that line has worked for me. Come to think of it, that's a great nickname, too!

Mnmom said...

LOVE Eddie Izzard. Thanks for reminding me.