Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Here: have some booties.

The Blossom-In-Law Jules is in labor! Wooohoo! It might be a little early in the term but no one seems too worried so late tonight or early tomorrow morning I shall be an Auntie (as opposed to an Uncle, which I also am). Mom is utterly chuffed. My brother Mark is exhausted already, the poor bastard. Honestly: I can't wait to have someone to make tutus for.

Like a complete bonzo frickin' idiot, I've forked over the handknits waaaay before any shower was planned so I am now empty-handed. This is par for the course as I am horrible at showers of all kinds that don't actually involve soap. I usually show up with a carton of smokes and a twelve pack and everyone is their flowered frock wonder who invited the lesbian. Not that I mind.


michaelg said...

Congratulations, Auntie! I hope you're planning to post a pic!
Baby showers are rough crowds. Have you heard of the poopy diaper game where they melt candy bars in a diaper and guests have to smell it and guess the type of candy? This is popular at showers in the Midwest. You can come be a lesbian at our parties any time! (I won't tell anyone you're not.)

kirelimel said...

Congratulations to you and yours! I am also an Auntie, much better than just an Aunt.

Remember to smell the baby's head- it's wonderfully intoxicating. And baby feet are delightful to look at for hours on end. But don't forget- Aunties also dress baby's up funny for photo ops. And they get to make cookies with them once they are able to stand.

Happy Auntie-hood!

Mnmom said...

You'll never be empty-handed for this baby, trust me. When my first nephew was born I went crazy and bought things all the time. Then I ran out of money and when my own children came along I had nothing to give them.
You'd like baby showers with my friens. Lots of wine and good food. And no silly games.

Mnmom said...

By the way, LOVE your new format!