Saturday, November 03, 2007

For a Nominal Fee

Of all the crazy wonderful things I find on that absolutely needed a to mention to you, Dear Reader, I have been remiss in passing along some of the most entertaining material ever which would the the marketing prose of the puppetmaker StaceyRebecca. She will provide us with legs and finger tubes for a nominal fee and I find that strangely soothing. StaceyRebecca is the genius who invented "A fistful of love: finger puppet of the month club". And how wicked cool is that.

Currently nursing a crush on Broadway Icon by the Ounce Kristen Chenoweth . And if you haven't seen Pushing Daisies you might be missing something. Like Olive Snook jumping on her bed in triumph or bursting into song. I'd watch it for the art direction alone, but the rest of it is pretty good too.


Ben-Bob said...

"No matter how often you floss, the hygienist is never satisfied?" Good heavens, what a euphemism!

Linda 'K' said...

Dear person of much hosiery! Shame on me for not commenting (again) much sooner. Not only can you not fix the family but just forgiving them for being themselves so you don't have to feel responsible is hard enuff! Therapy...sometimes it's so worthwhile! Spinning is also good. We're off to India next week. Don't wanna go again when all is said and done but don't want the husband and his heart condition out of my sight. So check de blog for the blow by blow and I'll keep checking yours. Life is SUCH a slog, ain't it? If it weren't for pretty colors and the love of ones spouse/partner what would one do? Definitely don't answer that!


Linda "K"

michaelg said...

Big K.C. fan here too. Here's a little pick me up: