Thursday, November 29, 2007


This was a very, very, very bad day. And what did I learn?
- Don’t go to Therapy before work if there is a chance of drama. And certainly don’t go if they intend to lock you out of the office.
- I am not ready for fully recycled Kleenex.
- Don’t hand the Hippie Chick the keys to your sanity and allow her to practice parallel parking any project with a deadline.
- Romney wool can be awfully pretty, but is it comfy enough to wear? Could I interest you in a little something in steel wool perhaps?
- Dubiously safe crosswalks?: Heavy boots, old keys, half drunk lattes and some choice words. are all very good to have on hand. Mere screaming is not as satisfying with bumped shins.

I am now off to San Diego to hang with Mix, Mike and the wee squirt Tyler. The Mission: to introduce Tyler to the concept of Uncle Heidi. Hopefully it won’t be too scary for either of us.

I could use some peace.

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