Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday Morning

-The New York Times grudingly admits libriarians have mad, wild sex appeal. (Mrs. Dillas would be so proud.)
-Sibling argument between BlackSheep Junior and myself hits Ravelry. Topic: Malian lovebeads and two handknitted Jester hats. The handknitted Noro mittens come off!
-Currently reading up on Williams Syndrome. (Also called "Pixiesm".) Funny to hang out with Heather's teammates and then read there is a scientific name for a quality that makes Kelly so entirely engaging. Let me tell you: these people are the most fun you've ever had.
- Also reading about Dessert. People blog about the most fascinating things.
-Uncle Heidi sends her best nephew a book. Overwhelmed by nostaliga, she retires to bed for a nap. (---snoooore...---)

1 comment:

Ben-Bob said...

Malian lovebeads? Sounds intriguing. But best keep them away from those mad, wild, sexy librarians. (Or was that Liberians?)